Friday, January 7, 2011


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It's Friday!!!!! Woohooo!!!

This morning I got to sleep until 8, and it felt great! Because both E and R are now in school full-time, my hours are made up by running errands for my boss, and doing things around their house. Today was laundry day while the kids were at school. I do all the bedding in the house plus the kid's laundry. I had mountains of kid's laundry to do, most of it was R's. We made a rule several months back that they could only change once a day unless they were dirty, otherwise we end up with mountains of clothes; just like I found today. He's obviously been changing a million times a day again! Yesterday while putting on their "shows" he assured me he was "folding" them back up and putting them away- NOT! They ended up in the dirty laundry! That little stinker!

I finished all the laundry just in time to head to pick up E and R from school. They've been wanting to go to the library, so I told them we could go today. We drove there only to find that it was closed, bummer! So, we headed home. Once we were home we discovered that the caterpillars that had went into cocoons in the butterfly habitat were coming out of the cocoons! We got to watch the first one fall out, the second and third snuck out while we were playing a game! It was such a cool experience!

Today's picture- Pizza! Tonight we made homemade pizza. We made Friday nights Pizza nights in our house several months back, but we took a break for a while. Tonight, it came back! I stopped at Trader Joes on my way home from work tonight to grab a few ingredients we didn't have including their yummy pizza dough, I highly recommend it! We like the whole wheat or garlic and herb.

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