Tuesday, January 11, 2011


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Well, today is the last day of my "Weekend". I'm typically off Saturday-Tuesday, hence, it's still my weekend.

Today was a mellow day, with nothing much going on. I did a few things around the house, and watched some TV. This afternoon I met with my best friend to go get a few things so that she can do my hair this weekend. She's going to put some wave into it, and highlight it. I'm really excited!

Tonight when I got home I made meatloaf for dinner. Ryan has told me for two years that he hates meatloaf, and so I finally dropped the subject and figured I'd just never get to make it. Well, last week it came up again and he told me that he'd be willing to try it, so tonight he did and he actually liked it!

After dinner I had to staple together two different book orders and a note with information about the due date to be distributed at the preschool tomorrow. I had to put together 140 of them... it was lots of stapling! Thankfully Ryan helped me out! I volunteered to do the job because I think it's a great thing to offer to families and it also helps promote reading.

Today's picture- my stapler and staple remover. We became friends today, with all the undoing of book orders and stapling packets together! hehe

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