Wednesday, January 5, 2011


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Today was my first day back to a normal schedule! Yay!

It was my first day back at the preschool today, and it was so nice to see all of the children again after two weeks! We had a great day with lots of projects! After the preschool I picked up the kiddos I nanny for, E + R. We headed straight to their house because I just felt like staying in today, we played several games of War and then played outside, coming in to work on homework. They even got the treat of a little TV towards the end of the afternoon. And then I got a treat of my own: getting off almost an hour early! I was very thankful for getting off early because I'm not feeling well and the fog was already setting in. Overall, it was a good day!

Today's photo is of some new home decor. We've been working on finally getting some home decor and Ikea helped us yesterday! I actually got this candle piece from a friend for Christmas, but it's from Ikea. I love Ikea!