Friday, January 14, 2011


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This morning I did things around the house for my boss, which included ironing a bunch of cloth napkins. Let's just say, I don't typically iron, and this reminded me why!

Once I picked the kids up from school, I took R to get a haircut. He needed it! His hair was a bit bushy! They always love going to get haircuts because they get lollipops! After the haircuts we went home to play with toys and waited for their parents to get home because they were going on a weekend ski trip, the kids were overjoyed and it was showing, I had to keep them occupied!

I made it home about 7:30, and just didn't feel like cooking. Ryan suggested we go out to pizza, because we hadn't in a while and it would be easy. So, I took him up on it and that is just what we did! We've been eating healthier, but I think going out and having a treat once in a while is more than okay! We made it home around 9 and I wasn't feeling great, I ended up getting into my pajamas to lay in bed and watch TV for the rest of the night.

Today's photo- Oranges! Why? Because I've been craving oranges! Orange juice or fresh oranges, I just can't get enough!

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