Sunday, January 23, 2011


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Today I spent the day at my friend Amanda's house. Ryan and her husband Mark watched the two football games that were on. It's nice because I've been friends with Amanda for years, and Ryan has been friends with Mark for years. They actually introduced us! :)

While the guys were watching football Amanda and I went on a quick outing to Kohls. I've been wanting to get some Valentine's Day decor, and so had Amanda. I ended up getting some placemats and kitchen towels. I enjoy having our house decorated for the holidays! I'll probably get a few more Valentine's things once they start getting marked down and save them for next year.

After the football games Amanda put highlights in my hair. They turned out amazing, and I LOVE them! My hair has been in desperate need of some highlights, and I'm so happy to finally have them again! She'll be doing some more work with my hair this week, I'm excited and can't wait!

Today's photo- Me + my most prized possession, my camera! I figured it was fitting, as I have new hair and this camera is kind of the center of this blog! :)

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