Saturday, January 22, 2011


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The weekend is finally here! Hooray!!!

We started the day by clearing out the garage, and originally I was going to post a picture of my car IN the garage, but, as you see that isn't what happened!

This evening Ryan went to play D&D with some friends, and I went to my friend Serena's birthday party at Fuddruckers. After I finished at Fuddruckers I went to my best friend Amanda's to hang out and talk. I was gone four to five hours. Typically when we leave, Toby gets locked into the bedroom and Shelby gets to be free in the house. Toby can't be trusted because he gets into things, and always does well in the bedroom- until tonight!

And that brings us to...

Today's photo- I got home tonight, and found the remote on the bed in itty bitty pieces. Lets first say, the dogs aren't allowed on the furniture. Second, I forgot to leave a bone for him like usual... so, perhaps he thought the remote was a bone?!

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